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I'm a single mom with a passion for writing.

As much as I love writing romance and suspense novels, my goal is for each and every reader to take just a morsel of the underlying messages in the story and be able to apply it to their life. Whether they are seeking to fill a void, or if they find themselves in a similar predictament as one of the characters, I hope they will turn their focus on our only hope — Jesus Christ! A fellow author once told me that "I have a bold way of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

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Melody Ravert, author of Christian fiction and non-fiction. She has served three years as a judge for the 'MWA Novel Contest' and as a judge for the Frontiers in Writing Contest, sponsored by the Panhandle Professional Writers.

Melody Ravert lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her daughter.

Melody Ravert

A Tribute:

In Loving Memory of My Husband, Timothy A. Ravert

December 15, 1954 - April 23, 2006

It happened so suddenly. Who would have guessed it would end this way? I prayed for a miracle and kept the faith but, soon, I could tell that God was calling you home. There is so much I still want to say to you. I'm so glad I told you time and time again how much you have always meant to me. I'm thankful we were able to share twenty-two incredible years. I would do it all over again. You were truly God's first choice for me. I don't know why He blessed me with such a wonderful and loving partner. There's a new song that says God must have been thinking of me when He created you. You were, you are, my love, my life, and my best friend.

Honey, you touched so many lives—this was clear from all the love, prayers, and support showed by family and friends during this difficult time, when I had to say good-bye. He gave you a servant heart and taught you how to love sacrificially. You never knew any strangers—just new friends you hadn't yet met. Because He lives, I have the blessed hope that when it is my turn to be with the Lord, we will meet again and our hearts will be reunited. So, until then, I treasure those precious memories and thank God for the special gift He gave me in you.

The Ravert Family

Timothy, Melody and Stephanie

Published Works:


The Shadow Stalker series

The Nightwolf series


Loving Hearts Live Forever, an anthology is a collection of memories shared of loved ones who have gone home to be with the Lord.

My Special Angel: Raising a Child with Autism as a Single Parent. This work is a revised book originally titled, Silent Angel, co-authored with her late husband on raising a child with autism and keeping marriage alive in the process.

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